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Foundation Piering Kansas City

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Foundation Piering in Kansas City

Kansas City’s wet climate means that soil is often unstable. As a result, houses can shift positions and lose their level. A crooked house is practically unusable, so many homeowners turn to Kansas City foundation piering.

Piering house foundation in Kansas is no easy task. It involves drilling many large holes in the ground and placing poles in them. Then, the house needs to be leveled – a tedious and time-consuming process requiring enormous attention to detail. 

When you need foundation piering, make sure you go with a reputable foundation piering Kansas city company. A bad piering job will not only cost you a lot, but it can make things worse instead of better.

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Push Piering in Kansas City

Push piering is the standard method of foundation piering in Kansas City. It involves pushing several columns into the ground until they find solid ground. That way, they’ll keep your foundation from sinking into the ground.

Any Kansas City foundation piering company should be able to perform this job. However, if you want the job done well, don’t just go with anyone. Foundation Maestro has decades of experience in foundation repair, and our technicians know precisely how deep to drive the columns.

Helical Piering in Kansas City

Helical piering uses a slightly different approach to achieve a similar effect. With this method, the columns resemble fluted screws, which screw into the ground. This method is preferred for spots where hard soil is difficult to find. Instead, the flutes keep your house from sinking.

Getting the torque values right when installing helical columns under a house is vital. If the columns are not screwed to the exact specifications, they will allow your home to move, defeating the purpose of the job. That’s why you should only hire experienced technicians. Our team includes plenty of them, and they will always install your helical piers correctly.

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Why Choose Foundation Maestro? 

A crooked house might seem like a disaster, but the truth is that it’s fixable. Foundation Piering provides a lasting solution to your home’s stability problems; the best thing is that you don’t even have to leave your house to do it. Call us to schedule an appointment, and we’ll fix your foundation before you know it. 

Our experts have years of experience in the field and know the right techniques to do the job efficiently. This way, you can get back to your life quickly and enjoy the peace of your home. 

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