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Foundation Repair In Tampa

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Foundation Repair Tampa

Tampa’s humid climate puts a lot of stress on building foundations. Frequent rain can erode concrete, especially if it’s old and weathered. Therefore, we tend to do many foundation repairs in Tampa, mostly fixing cracks and rotten concrete elements. 

When it comes to fixing foundation issues, there’s almost nothing we can’t do, so don’t give up on your old home just yet.

foundation repair tampa
foundation repair tampa
foundation repair tampa

Foundation Waterproofing In Tampa

Tampa foundation repair should always include some form of waterproofing. Whether it’s a built-in membrane or a coating, sealing your foundation will stop moisture ingress. Even if you have no such problems, it’s always good to think ahead.

Waterproofing a foundation is tricky since even the smallest hole can let water in. However, our technicians are well versed in this art, and we can guarantee they’ll do a perfect job. A watertight foundation will immediately improve air quality in your home and protect the structure from erosion.

Foundation Slab Leveling In Tampa

An uneven basement floor will almost always result in foundation issues. As moisture builds up under the concrete, it can loosen the dirt below, sinking sections of your floor. That’s a widespread occurrence in humid climates, such as in Tampa. Don’t worry; Foundation Maestro has a permanent fix for this problem.

Our team uses a high-tech jacking process where we pump foam under the sunken slabs. The procedure lifts them quickly and permanently, so you won’t have to worry about it happening again. We often do this foundation repair in Tampa, and it hasn’t failed so far.

Foundation Rebuilding In Tampa

Unfortunately, some foundations are so distressed that they’re beyond help. However, that doesn’t mean that you should let the rest of the house rot away as well. We proudly offer a complete foundation rebuild for old homes, where we strip away the old concrete and pour fresh slabs. As a result, the rebuilt foundation is entirely waterproof, straight, and free of cracks.

basement foundation repair

Why Choose Foundation Maestro? 

Whatever issues your foundation may have, we’ll fix them. We can make any old foundation as straight and smooth as the day it was built. And if we can’t, we’ll put a new one in. We also do ace slab leveling, waterproofing, and foundation repair. Get in touch with our experts, and we’ll tell you the solution immediately. 

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