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Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair

Despite the lack of professional skills, people like to opt for do-it-yourself practices. While it is easy to do stuff that doesn’t require expertise, some methods, like home foundations, require professional expertise. It requires in-depth knowledge and years of experience to reach a level where it is possible to find real problems and their solutions. One small mistake and you put the entire property at risk. At Foundation Maestro, we have a team of skilled and experienced people who offer our clients a quality foundation repair service. We strive to provide satisfactory results so our clients won’t have issues for generations.

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This is also mandatory if you want to sell your property, which is why our team does the job so well that you won’t have problems for a long time. So, if you have any property that you want to sell, contact our team, and we’ll inspect and correct the damage for you. Fret not; our charges are minimal, so that everyone can afford our foundation repair service.
Apart from foundation repair services, we also offer foundation crack repair services. If your house has huge Foundation Cracks on the walls, they’re likely due to excessive water or if the building is old. There is no need for renovation if we can repair that crack. Contact our team, and we’ll deploy professionals to check the walls. They’ll do their best to fix your issues without any renovation. However, if your damage is severe, you might need to make massive changes.

We offer services in many areas, including Kansas, Wichita, Minneapolis, Tempa, and Topeka, KS. We are also expanding our operations to many other cities. If you have any problems with your foundation, contact us and leave them to us. Regardless of your property’s damage, we’ll do our best to repair it.

About Us

Foundation Maestro is a company offering the best foundation repair and piering services. We have a huge team of professionals with on-field experience to help strengthen home foundations so people living in areas with lots of underground water can live in peace.
We aim to strengthen the foundations so that any natural disaster won’t damage them. Foundation repair is costly for the company and the client, so we offer our services in the best way possible so your foundation won’t require another repair after getting hit by another natural disaster. We strive to satisfy our clients, and our experienced team knows how to do it.
Getting in touch with us is not difficult; use the number on the website to contact us and schedule an appointment or ask for quotes. If you are not in a hurry, fill out the online form, and our representative will contact you as soon as possible.
Some foundation issues are already at their peak, so waiting will cost you more time and money. If you believe or witness any damage to your foundations, there is no need to wait. Contact us and let our experienced team handle the rest of your problems.

Why Choose Us?

Foundation Maestro is one of the best foundation repair companies in Kansas, Wichita, Minneapolis, Tempa, and Topeka, KS. Our services cover every small problem with your house’s foundation, whether your home has a stone foundation or a pier and beam foundation.
Our repair cost is reasonable; you can learn more about it on our FAQ page. In addition, our expert team is always there to help clients in the shortest time possible. We pride ourselves on offering the best foundation repair services, so you won’t need to repair it again for years. Contact us at the given number if you want the best foundation repair, waterproofing, foundation slab leveling, and foundation rebuilding.

What Is Foundation Repair?

Foundation repair is needed when the house’s foundation is broken and needs to be fixed. There could be multiple reasons, and foundation repairs are not limited to your entire home. Sometimes, your basement requires repairs; sometimes, your home has damaged bricks that need replacement. While all this feels scary, our services cover everything.
You’ve got a problem in your basement; we offer basement foundation repair services. Your entire home needs a strong foundation. We have our home foundation repair service. No matter what happens to your home, our team has got you covered. Even if your house requires new bricks at certain parts, we have repair brick foundation services to offer.
On the other hand, your foundation requires quick repairs if your house has been struck by a natural disaster like a tornado or flood. The more you wait, the worse the situation can get, which is why we at Foundation Maestro offer emergency services to ensure that you get quick commercial foundation repair services. If your situation is terrible, our team will tailor custom foundation repair services for you, but they’ll get the job done.
Our team won’t just finish the work and return; they’ll stay there for a couple of hours to take quick notes of the progress. Then they’ll visit multiple times in the coming months to ensure that your structure is doing well. If you have any queries, you can talk to your customer service, and they’ll clarify any confusion.
Our customer service team is available 24/7 and extra active in an emergency. Give us a call or start that chat on the website, and an agent will get in touch with you in no time. Choose your area and learn more about our services.

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Garage Foundation Repair

The most neglected part of any house is the garage; people use it the most but won’t pay attention to it. Most of the time, the cracks in the walls start at the garage door. It is better to check your garage now and then, and if you notice any issues, call us immediately. Our team has been offering garage repair services for years, and they know how to get the job done in a short time without excessive problems.
No one would want to wait days to see their garage go through all the repairs. So our experts try to finish this job within a day unless your garage has serious issues that might require more time. Our services include fixing garage doors, garage foundations, and wall repair. Plus, if you want to cover your garage walls to preserve the heat and cold, we can include them in our garage repair services.
Don’t worry about the repair cost; our charges are much more reasonable than those of other foundation repair companies. Our entire foundation repair services can cover your entire home, and our team will fix problems with every room you have, including your garage and basement.
You are free to inspect and check the work progress as our team keeps fixing your issues. Also, if another problem arises while fixing it that our team didn’t find during the inspection, we’ll try to fix it at the exact cost as the first one. But if the team thinks you might have more problems while fixing them, it will change how much it will cost you.

What Our Services Include

We offer a huge list of services covering every part of your house and fixing every problem related to its foundation. Apart from all the major repairs, including the foundation, basement, and garage, we also offer small services like foundation slab repair.
These services include foundation leak repair if your foundation has water leakage problems. We also offer brick foundation repair if you want to install or add new bricks to your foundation. We provide concrete foundation repair at lower costs for those with a house with a concrete foundation. On the other hand, if your foundation is standing on stones and you want to repair them, call us and get our stone foundation repair services.
Name your requirement, and our team will get it done. Even if you have a foundation made from wood that needs repairing, we offer wood foundation repair services.
In most cases, you won’t need more than foundation wall repair if you can identify the foundation issues early. The problem starts when people ignore early signs of foundation problems and call for help when things get severe. Check your foundation regularly for any signs of trouble, and if you notice any cracks, contact us immediately.
Finding the problem at the early stages can help lower your cost. While our services for total foundation repair may be expensive, the cost of cracked foundation repair is quite reasonable. Our team will carefully examine and check for everything, even the most minor issues, and our work will speak for itself. Because if things are not done right, it will cost the company a fortune, and the time wasted on reworking is a headache. If you own a pool whose walls or foundation is getting weak; we are the best pool foundation repair company in your area.


This is a must for all the areas that get heavy rain and snowfall every year. No amount of cement, stone, or sand can stop water from entering the foundation. So unless the whole foundation is waterproof, you’ll have issues with your home’s foundation after every rainfall.
Excessive moisture will keep building at the base, and a small crack can bring the water into the walls. Our specialists have waterproofing techniques to strengthen the foundation, so it stays solid after getting hit by rain, snowfall, or even floods.

Concrete Slab Foundation Repair

The soil beneath your house moves constantly; with every rain, it is bound to move a lot. You might not feel it initially, but after five or six rainy seasons, you’ll see the effects of a wet foundation. It is not unusual for the concrete foundation slabs to move from their alignment.
Contact us as soon as you see that your concrete foundation is not in the right place. You’ll see the difference clearly, and our team won’t waste any more of your time and will start working on it as soon as possible.
We don’t offer services like foundation repair financing, but we have contacts with many companies to help you with that. They’ll pay on your behalf while we do our work, and you can settle the terms to repay them. On the other hand, we also don’t offer foundation auto repair services, but we can help you find the right companies for this job.

How Does Our House Foundation Repair Process Work?

With all the services we offer, we must share our process with you, so you should know that you are working with a professional team. First, you must check how much damage your foundation has. The cracks in the bottom area of walls can give you a good idea. After that, call us on the given number or contact our customer support to get an idea of our services and house foundation repair cost. Before you believe our prices are high, check how we work, and you’ll see why our fees are better than many other commercial foundation repair services.
We only use the best and premium materials while fixing the foundations, including beams, piers, and precast or poured foundations. In addition, we ensure that our foundation leak repair services remain top-notch so that you won’t require another session again in the coming years.


Inspection Visit

Our team will arrive at your place at the given time after calling our team and deciding on an inspection date. They might send some workers to dig some sites and check the foundation damage. Don’t worry; our repair team will repair everything, including the digging for the inspection.
Now comes the central part for you and us, the cost. After looking at the damage and figuring out how much it will cost, our team will give you an estimate, which could go up if the problem is bad. Our cost won’t go above an average foundation repair cost. You can check the costs of other companies and see if anyone offers more reasonable rates than us. Plus, you are getting not just foundation services but much more. We can adjust the foundation crack repair cost in our overall package, so you won’t have to pay too much. There are no charges for the inspection visit if we can repair your damages; we’ll include a little inspection cost in the overall bill.
Sometimes, the damage is not severe, and our team will direct you to the right person if it requires minimal repair. Our team starts working only after a certain damage level, so if the damage is minimal, they’ll guide you to fix it. For example, if there is a small water leak, they can guide you or let you know who can fix it for you. However, if your area is about to receive heavy rain, our team will inspect and strengthen your foundation to ensure that rain does not cause damage.


Finding Out the Exact Problem

The next step in foundation repair is to find out the exact problem. Since foundation costs vary based on the damage, it is better to let our team determine the root cause. For example, it could be that your whole foundation has moved due to a natural disaster, or some cracks are causing the issues.
On the other hand, this step will determine if your foundation is in good enough shape to be repaired or if you need to renovate the base. Building the foundation from scratch requires jacking up the house and extreme work. Our team has experienced people to do this job, but it might take more time and be costly. However, we prioritize getting the job done without causing you extra trouble.
If your house has a basement, it has a different foundation, much more profound than the house above. We’ll try to cover the basement foundation repair cost in the overall package. Furthermore, based on your home, you might require pier and beam foundation repair. Once our team determines the problem, our repair team will pay a visit and start working.


Repairing the Foundation

The whole process becomes easier if the client already knows the problem. Clients mostly share information about minor issues like repairing foundation walls or block foundations. However, for more profound issues that the client cannot point out, our repair team will dig deeper to find and rectify them. You might need to sign the contract before our team starts repairing it. If the damage is minor, like a crack in the foundation repair, you can stay in the house while we repair it. However, if the damage is severe and requires advanced foundation repair, we’ll need you to move out of the house until we fix the foundation issues. That won’t take long unless it requires hydraulic piering, which is costly and takes around two to three days.
The cost of foundation repair drastically depends on how much workload there is. If your entire foundation needs repairing, it might get higher. You can speak with our representative about the overall cost.
Every foundation is different; we don’t need heavy machinery to repair cinder block foundations. But if you have a stone, concrete, or wood foundation, we’ll need machinery to hold the house and make necessary repairs.


Is Foundation Repair Worth It?

Many people might think of not getting the foundation repaired because they believe it is not worth it. However, the case is the exact opposite, especially if you are in areas that experience heavy rain or snowfall.
Typically, water gets inside the foundation and makes the soil soft, which weakens the base, ultimately leading to the house collapsing. Here we’ll discuss some benefits you can get with foundation repair and how Foundation Maestro can help you achieve them.

  • It Saves You Time

Changing the home foundation is a time-consuming process, not to mention it is costly. Even if your foundation is beyond the point of no return, our experts can find a solution to repair it, so you don’t have to replace it. Moreover, while the new foundation might not save the aesthetics of your house, repairing the old foundation can keep your home the same. Replacing the foundation might cause other issues in your home relating to walls, roofs, and some large-scale changes that can leave space near your house, making it ugly. As a foundation repair company, we’re proud to offer the best services for fixing structural foundations.  As a result, your house retains its appearance despite significant changes to its foundation.

  • In Increases Your Home Value

If you want to sell your house, it must have a strong foundation. Otherwise, no buyer will show interest. While the house’s overall looks are a major factor, a solid foundation plays a significant role in sales. If your house’s foundation requires repair, the person purchasing the house will offer less money simply because they need to pay for the repair. Before selling your home, contact us; our team will make the repairs so well that your house value will increase significantly. It won’t take more than two days; you can list your house in perfect condition and put it on the market.

  • Prevents Flooding and Property Damage

Floods cause the most damage to a foundation. Especially if you have a basement, the water will stay there for days, causing more damage. We offer the best foundation basement repair solutions to remove all the water and inspect and repair the foundation regardless of its damage. On the other hand, excessive rain and floods can cause the slab foundation to get weak, which can cause it to break at any time. Take our concrete slab foundation repair services and watch how our team makes the base strong again so no flood or rain can cause damage.

  • Comfort

An even foundation can lead to problems like wobbling floors or causing the doors and windows to stick since the house has shifted to one side. Your home will be back to normal after a good foundation repair from Foundation Maestro.



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