How Much Does Foundation Repair Cost?

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Over time, your house’s foundation may develop issues, and these problems are a threat to other parts like the walls, floors, ceilings, and roof of the structure. In addition, failing to repair a faulty foundation drastically decreases the resale value of your house. Therefore, fixing the fault and getting a permanent solution always offers a better financial investment.

However, when it comes to basement foundation repair, you need the help of experts. But before you start googling “foundation repair near me” or, more accurately, “foundation repair contractors near me,” you need to know the foundation repair cost to lift the house and replace the foundation. We at Foundation Maestro are here to help with the information you need. But are you sure your house’s foundation is damaged? Here are some signs.

Signs of a Damaged House Foundation

An obvious indication your foundation is having problems are cracked walls, and vertical cracks are a graver sign than horizontal cracks. However, since most of the foundation is unseen, here are some less obvious signs:

  1. ​Sloping Floors​

The lowest point of any house with sloping floors or uneven floors typically points to a part of a foundation where the soil is settling or deteriorating. The leading cause of this issue is erosion and poor drainage.

  1. ​Roof Leaks

Every time a foundation sags, there is stress on the house’s roof framing can, and this can make it shift.

  1. ​Sticking Windows ​and Doors

If your foundation is sinking, your doors and window frames will be out of square.

  1. ​Excessive Moisture in Ground Floor and Basement

Moisture comes through foundation leaks. This leads to frame deterioration and mold issues.

How Much Does Foundation Repair Cost?

The cost of house foundation repair depends on the size of labor, materials required, and the kind of damage that has happened. Besides, several foundation crack repair cost options don’t include ripping out the whole foundation, which is a bit more expensive.

Cost to Fixing a Faulty Foundation by Material

Materials used determine fixing faulty foundation. The average foundation repair cost can range between $350 to $25,000. Moreover, different materials have distinct fixing processes and costs. Some materials require more extensive work and excavation. But, others are cheaper and simpler to use. In some cases, a foundation repair contractor may use a different material or a mixture of them to improve your foundation’s durability and strength.

Cost of Repairing a Concrete Foundation

Concrete foundation repair costs anything between $350 to $10,000. Concrete slabs are repaired by sealing and mud jacking. When there is massive damage to the structure, the house may need raising and a new structure installed, which increases the repair price significantly.

Cost of Repairing a Stone Foundation

The expected cost of repairing a foundation made of stone ranges from $400 to $20,000. Most of the repairs on stone structures are because of settling and cracks. Stones are non-porous, and if there are water problems, the contractor will have to drag the water out.

Cost of Repairing a Foam Foundation

Repairing this kind of material needs foam jacking, and its cost ranges from $350 to $25,000, which depends on the amount of fixing required and size. Moreover, the process utilizes a polyurethane foam sprayed to places that require fixing. It’s a suitable choice for applications that require better precision and control.

Factors That Affect the Foundation Repair Cost

There are a few factors that determine the final cost when calculating the cost of house foundation repair cost. These factors include materials, permits, labor, and the leading cause of damage. Moreover, prices can differ depending on the severity of the issue, the type of foundation, and how a professional will repair it.


Various homes have various foundation types; hence you will have different foundation repair methods and different prices. For example, the foundation leak repair costs for a pier and beam foundation will almost certainly be lower than the cost to repair a basement foundation. Moreover, the cause of these issues differs from one house to the other. Common causes of these foundation problems include minor cracks, bowing, leaks, shifting, sinking foundation, soil erosion, and crumbling.

Labor, Permits, and Materials

Foundation repair labor cost per hour is about $200. Moreover, you will require permits to carry out the work, and it will cost you between $75 and $150. Repairing materials depends on the specific foundation problem. Moreover, contractors use many common materials, including steel support beams, sealant, cement, jacks, grout, carbon fiber, hydraulic piers, etc.

Problem Severity

When the foundation issue is severe, it makes your home uninhabitable. Usually, this will occur if the foundation was built wrongly or poorly maintained. Foundation repair cost varies depending on how severe the damage is and the foundation type.

Soil Stability

Unstable soil will force you to have several interior piers to stabilize shrink-swell soil. In addition, drainage affects soil stability. Improper drainage quickly leads to soil erosion below a structure which severely affects the foundation and leads to sinking. A repair professional will need more piers to counteract erosion.

House Size

Another factor that affects foundation fixes is the house size. Bigger houses need more materials to complete repair. Moreover, larger houses are also costly to repair because they have more weight and have a complex structure.

Saving Money When Repairing Foundation

The cost of repairing a foundation can be high. Moreover, any other extra costs linked with the repair project can rapidly add up. Some repair method ways of saving money without compromising quality include:

Prioritizing Repairs

Always ask your repair contractor if they deal with more severe repairs first.

Request Cost-Effective Ways

You can ask your structural engineer if there are temporary and cost-effective ways of fixing foundation issues. This is more beneficial if you are on a low budget.

Get Several Quotes

Ask for cost breakdowns from several foundation repair professionals and choose those who will work with less money. However, ensure that they can provide proper services.

Do Preventative Maintenance

When the foundation damage isn’t extensive, you can choose preventative maintenance, which will cut the cost of the pier and beam foundation repair cost. Always ensure your drainage and gutter system drains water away from your house foundation. Moreover, mark foundation cracks on the foundation and check regularly. If there are any significant foundation damage signs, call a repair professional.


Although advanced foundation repair costs can be high, your home is among the most significant investments to have. Thus, these foundation repairs are essential when guarding your equity and making your home habitable. Always get in touch with a professional foundation repair company for the best repairs and some of them can also help in getting your foundation repair covered by providing insurance for the same.

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