Foundation Maestro – Privacy Policy

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We acknowledge the need to protect your private information. Therefore, as per the legal requirement, here is our Privacy Policy. Our policy governs data collection and the usage of our services, products, and platform. 

You consent to data collection and usage by accessing and signing up for our services. So, it will be best to stop using this website if you disagree with any section of this Privacy Policy.

The Information We Collect

Foundation Maestro collects your personal information, such as name, phone number, email address, postal code, and postal address. Foundation Maestro needs this information to tailor the services as per your location and preference. In addition, we use this information for legal obligations from our third-party partners that are linked to our website. You give us the information above when you fill in our form.

How We Collect the Information

Foundation Maestro has three ways of collecting your private information. Firstly, we collect the information you voluntarily give us when you contact us through the form and call us to schedule an appointment. We also have automatic data collection, such as information generated by your activity and geographical location. 

Foundation Maestro may also collect your information when interacting with our blog posts. We may also collect your data when you like our social media pages. Lastly, we collect information from other sources, such as email listings through newsletter subscriptions. 

How We Use Your Personal Information

At Foundation Maestro, your satisfaction is our top priority, and the information we collect helps us to deliver our services. Foundation Maestro primarily uses private information to communicate with you for scheduling of services, service delivery, and other services that may interest you. 

We may profile you from time to time, and when we do, we will send you news about what we have planned for you or new practices that can make your building more substantial and better. Foundation Maestro does not share your information with third parties for any use, such as marketing. And should we ever need to do so, we will first contact you to ask for your consent. 

Mailing Policy

When you send Foundation Maestro an email, we can only use it to thank you for reaching us and reply to your questions if any are available. We will store the communication details between us for future reference. We will never use that email to send you further emails or share them with any third parties. The email we use to send you newsletters and updates are the ones we collect when you voluntarily fill in the form that serves the purpose. We do this to remain compliant with the CAN-SPAM anti-spam regulations. You have a right to complain should we breach this clause or opt-out of our mailing list. 

Sharing Your Information

As much as we do not share your information with third parties, some circumstances may force us to do so. Such scenarios may be during use for legal actions, which the government compels us. For instance, we may share your private data if the law forces us. We will also share your information if we believe you are in grave danger, and sharing it with the relevant bodies can help. Therefore, by using our website, you acknowledge this privacy policy clause. 

Behavioral Advertising

Our use of your private information stops at informing you and reaching out to serve you. Foundation Maestros does not engage in direct marketing or behavioral advertising. You should, therefore, only fill out the mailing list form with the expectation of informative newsletters and other related news that aren’t promotional. We will inform you if we change this policy and ensure that the party we use to advertise complies with the privacy policy. 

How We Protect Your Information

We acknowledge the risks involved in private data collection and ensure that the information you provide is safe. We protect it using an industry-standard secure socket layer and firewall. The third parties we use to collect your data, such as email listing services, also adhere to these regulations. 

And when providing your contact information, Foundation Maestro has a Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart (CAPTCHA). This security feature differentiates you from bots and enhances security. However, these measures do not guarantee that your data can’t be disclosed or destroyed by breaches of our firewalls. We try our best to avoid these breaches, and should they happen, we will act swiftly to secure your data. Therefore, using our website, you acknowledge that you understand and agree to these risks. 

Business Transfers and Related Activities

Foundation Maestro, like any business, pursues development. Therefore, we might merge, restructure, or reorganize our business. We may transfer your data in such an event, which affects our business structure. However, we will contact you before doing so for withdrawal should you want to. Note that you should delete the information before transfer because the new business may have different policies, which can complicate the process of deleting or altering your information. 

Links to Other Websites

You will find links to other websites on our official platform. Such links include our social media pages. Note that we aren’t responsible for their practices or the content they contain. We also don’t share any of your private information with them. Therefore, our privacy policy does not apply to such websites. It would be best to go through their privacy policy before using them. You should also be cautious when browsing such websites, even if you joined them through our website. This is because our security features do not extend to third parties. 


Foundation Maestro uses to monitor your web usage. The cookies are written on your hard drive and don’t contain personal information. They only record the websites you visit and your actions. We use the cookies to identify the number of visitors on our website so that we can improve on attracting leads and improve user experience. 

Foundation Maestro uses necessary cookies that enable you to use our website and its features. We also have performance cookies that collect data on how you use our website. These cookies help our website remember you so that it doesn’t ask you for the information you had already given us. Note that you can control these cookies from your browser and delete them anytime. 

Data Retention

Foundation Maestro doesn’t keep your information any longer than necessary because we collect data for different reasons. Therefore, we don’t have a specific retention period. We carefully assess the duration to retain the information depending on what we use it for and remove it when we no longer require it. We use file-level encryption to protect the data and ensure it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. Note that you can unsubscribe from our email listing at any time. In addition, you can withdraw your consent, which you can let us know through email. 

Children’s Privacy Policy

Our website is not intended for users under 13 years of age. Therefore, the Foundation Maestro does not knowingly collect children’s personal information from the earlier-mentioned age category. Please do not provide any information on this website if you are a minor. We will delete any data of children collected if they stray to our website. 

Future Change in Our Privacy Policy Statement

Foundation Maestro may update this Privacy Policy if need be. We can do so to reflect any changes we make, such as in our clients’ operating suggestions and industry changes. We may also do so to satisfy this Privacy Policy’s legal requirements. These changes might occur at any time by publishing a revised version. Ensure that you read and understand the changes to avoid future disputes that are likely to arise if you disagree. 

We will notify you before the changes and provide a time to review them before the changes take effect. And should you disagree with the terms as they are at that time, you may opt-out of our services. 

Restricting Collection of Data

We acknowledge that you may want to restrict data collection at some point. You can control the information you want to share when signing up for our newsletter or any other information we may require. You can also make some changes if you have already agreed by contacting us. Furthermore, you can reject cookies so that we do not automatically collect data from your browser. Note that we may continue sending you administrative emails such as policy changes even if you opt-out when restricting data collection. 

Legal and Our Contact Information

Foundation Maestro grants you the right to view, delete, or edit the information you give us. You also have the right to restrict how we use the information. And should you have any concerns regarding your privacy or questions, you can reach us at 316-746-4728. We will deal with your request and respond within 30 days. Suppose you aren’t satisfied with how we handled the request. In that case, you can file a complaint with the relevant authorities, such as the Kansas privacy policy supervisory body.