Foundation Maestro – Terms and Conditions

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Foundation Maestro respects you as a client, so we would like to streamline our contracts. Therefore, this Terms and Conditions document protects our users and us legally and guides you as we deliver our services. It provides clarity on how you will access and use our website. It also aims to provide a way forward in different situations that may arise as you use our services and when you hire us. As a result, you can expect exemplary customer service.

Engagement and Acceptance of Terms

The Term and Conditions in this document, collectively with other documents referred to in it, governs your access to and use of the website run by Foundation Maestro. It also governs the website’s affiliates. It contains terms such as Company, We, Our, and Us, which all refer to Foundation Maestro. The Terms stated in this document dictate how you will access the website and are legally binding.

Ensure that you read and understand it before you start accessing our services. You will have agreed to these terms and are bound to the conditions if you proceed to use our services. It also means that you agree to our privacy policy. Note that you must not access and use our website if you do not accept these terms. Furthermore, it would be best to print this document


Foundation Maestro owns all the content and functionality on this website. We own the copyright, trademark, trade secret, patent, and other intellectual property that include and are not limited to images, videos, audio, text, software, and information. This right extends to our social media pages.

These Terms and Conditions only allow noncommercial use of the intellectual property mentioned above. Therefore, you are not permitted to reproduce, modify, or distribute them as your own. Doing so will breach the Terms and Conditions, which will void your rights to access the website.

Using Our Website

Foundation Maestro collects and uses your private information as per our Privacy Policy. Therefore, you agree with how we collect and use your information by using our service. We may request you to fill out a form for mail listing, and we will play our part in ensuring that the information is safe. However, you should be careful not to fill in such forms on platforms that mimic our website. You should carefully check our domain and the security features, such as our secure socket layer certificate.

You have limits on how you can use this website. Some of the limits include but are not limited to using it to commit a crime, threaten other users, and send spam. You must not alter any part of this website. This limitation extends to creating, updating, or amending other users’ information. Furthermore, you must not use automated means such as bots to monitor or copy data from this website.

Links to Other Websites

There are third-party links on our website. Some of those links lead to our social media pages. Our Terms and Conditions do not cover third-party websites. However, we have the right to bring down any post you make that breaches the terms in this document. In addition, Foundation Maestro can prosecute you if you make damaging claims on the platforms which are unproven allegations. Note that social media platforms have their Terms and Conditions, and it will be best to read them before you proceed to use them, even if you access them through our website.

Contributing to Our Website

You may provide some material like reviews, ratings, comments, and pictures on our website or affiliates such as social media handles. Foundation Maestro will treat any material you provide as “user content” and will assume that you agree to grant us permission to use it free of charge. We have the right to alter it so that it fits any way we use it, which includes and is not limited to research and promotion. However, the user content should be your original work. Additionally, it should meet the following standards:

  • Violate rights of other users
  • Contain information that can damage someone’s good reputation
  • Cause outrage to a section of people in society
  • Promote an illegal activity
  • Advertise other companies, not necessarily competitors
  • Looks like we endorsed it
  • Contain adult content such as pornography

Suspension and Termination of Service

We have the right to suspend or terminate service if you break any of these Terms and Conditions. The suspension and termination also go for posting User Content that breaches these Terms and Conditions. We may take legal action if the content you posted on our website or its affiliate leads to a lawsuit that can potentially damage our image or cause loss.

Children Under the Age of 18

We acknowledge that children below the age of 18 might stray from our website. And since some parts contain features that allow users to post comments, we ensure that the users post inappropriate language. We treat the personal information of minors according to our Privacy Policy. You cannot contribute to the website if you are underage.

Changes to Agreements

Foundation Maestro may change the information on this website from time to time. We will not announce before posting any of our content. This company also dictates the type of content that will be published on this website, and we cannot authoritatively guarantee that it will be updated. Therefore, it will help if you carefully use the information you get from here. You cannot use the information officially without referring to other sources.


Following the previous clause, you should know that you will use the website at your own risk. You must not rely on its information for advice. Foundation Maestro, its agents, employees, or any agency involved in planning, creating, distributing, and marketing this website’s content will be liable for the damages or loss you will accrue from using the information provided.

Foundation Maestro isn’t liable for any breach that occurs outside our websites, such as on social media pages. We do not check or investigate any claims arising from such, even if you accessed it using our link. Furthermore, we do not assume responsibility for any misleading information that you may find on third-party websites.

This website may contain reviews and testimonials of other clients. The information on the testimonials reflects what the user experienced. Note that the views in the testimonials belong to the individual user. We are not affiliated with any other company and do not compensate them for such information.

Dispute Resolution

We can resolve disputes internally by negotiating and changing whatever brings the conflict, such as breaching privacy policy. If you aren’t satisfied, you can lodge a complaint with the supervisory body. And if aggrieved, you can file a case in court. However, note that you have limitations on time to file claims. You must do so within a year after the claim or cause of action. Failure to do so will permanently bar such claims.


You legally agree not to hold Foundation Maestro, its affiliates, and service providers liable for any potential damage or subsequent loss from using the information on this website. Using this website also means that Foundation Maestro won’t pay for legal fees you may accrue if we file a court case for violating these terms.

Restricted Jurisdiction

Foundation Maestro is a company situated in the United States. Therefore, the information it contains is only relevant to the people of the USA, especially where it renders its services. We do not guarantee that you will access this website from other parts of the world. Additionally, the published content may not be useful in your local area. Nevertheless, you should not copy or produce any of it for commercial use as per these Terms and Conditions.

The Whole Agreement

These Terms and Conditions constitute the entire agreement between you and Foundation Maestro. It governs how you use this website and the course of action should you breach any condition. As stated, we might prosecute you in case of grave misconduct. In such a case, if a law court invalidates the condition, the rest of the conditions will remain valid until proven otherwise.

Governing Law

Kansas state laws apply to your use of our website and the conditions in this document. As much as we run this website from the United States, you can access it anywhere. We acknowledge that you may be from different jurisdictions with different laws. However, using the website, we assume you agree to keep these laws. Foundation Maestro has the right to prosecute you in your country or within the state for breaching any of these terms and conditions.

Contact Us

In case of any questions regarding these Terms and Conditions, you can call us at 316-746-4728. Alternatively, you can email us at Our support team, available around the clock, will get back to you.